Learn Tajweed Online and Master The Central Religious Text of Islam

Quran is the central religious text of Islam. The Muslims believe it to be a revelation from God or Allah. The holy Quran has 114 chapters which are of varying lengths. Not every Muslim has mastered the Quran completely. Even the most devout Muslim faces several problems while trying to interpret Quran or understand the content in it. Therefore, the OnlineIslamicCourses.com provides Islamic courses online to all those Muslims who find difficulty in finding a reliable tutor in Quran who can make them understand the holy script. The online Quran tutors are well educated and highly qualified to train you properly. The online tutors are available 24 X 7, 365 days. Even the females can now make use of this opportunity to know more about the holy Quran with the help of online female Quran tutors. This is a very good opportunity for women and girls to take online classes on Islam irrespective of which part of world they stay in. The online courses on Islam on online Quran learning program have specially been designed by the site management for women and girls who face difficulties in reaching to mosques regularly to learn Quran and learn Islamic Courses.

The intention of coming up with the online course is to provide online Quran coaching service to all the Muslims who are interested in knowing more about the book and also help others who are encountering understanding issues while they are learning. The course is available for the people of all the ages right from 4 to 70. Children have a specially designed course called the Tajweed Course. Children can learn tajweed online with the help of the tutors. The Tajweed Course is designed especially for the children. Tajweed is an Arabic word which means proficiency. In this context proficiency refers to making clear sound of every word. Every letter of Quran has to be given its rights and so every letter has to be pronounced correctly while it is being recited. Each Arabic letter has a Makhraj or an exit or articulation point from which it originates. It also has Sifaat or attributes or characteristics. It is very important to learn the Makhraj and Sifaat of each letter in Tajweed. Tajweed is a three months course and is without the rules of Tajweed, you cannot read Quran in the right way. Therefore, it is very important for all the Muslims to learn Quran and keep the rules of Tajweed in mind.

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